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We simplify healthcare brands' communication


Recent projects

Socioeconomic impact of the Cluster of the School of Medicine - University of Minho

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Portuguese prevention day of Breast Cancer


What we do


Here is where all great things started. After we make a full diagnose of your needs, we prescribe the right strategy to make your campaign a success. Here we define goals, key audiences, possible barriers, positioning, channels and content strategy.


Let’s bring strategy to life! And what’s best than videos to provoke real social and behavioral change? Our video campaigns are always based on a strong strategy and can really help you meet our business goals more efficiently.


But, sometimes video is not an option, right? How can we represent the intangible? Or how can we show a human heart without making people feel sick? Motion design is the answer! With motion design we can make things easier to understand and more pleasant to watch.


4 steps to success

Discovery and research

We see creativity as we see modern medicine: we never prescribe before we have a complete diagnose. After you decide to work with us, we dive into the discovery and research phase to find what your problem is and what would be the best prescription for it.  

Creativity and strategy

Now we have a complete and accurate diagnose! Let’s prescribe the best strategy for your brand’s problem. In this phase, we gather strategy and creativity into a strategic plan that will serve as the road map for the whole campaign. 

Content production

What content was prescribed in the strategy phase? Let’s make it happen!
The production phase is where all strategy is materialized. Video, animations, social media designs? You name it!

Launch of the campaign

It’s time to make your campaign shine. We are ready now to show the world your beautiful, efficient campaign and make the change happen. We always will be on your side during the whole launch process.

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